About Renee

Conceived by two love struck opera singers, Renee practically came out of the womb singing. From a very young age, music was her joy, her hustle, her freedom, her expression, and it was inextricably tied to every stage of her life. Though classically trained, she has lent her voice to almost every genre imaginable. A musical chameleon, adept at playing many instruments, you may find Renee on the guitar, piano or drums, singing in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or English.


Renee has graced the stages of The Roxy, The Whiskey, The Viper Room, The House of Blues and the Key Club. In her most recent incarnation, Renee applies her signature style and operatic range to fusing jazz, country and cabaret with Black Market Reverie. Renee finds her biggest inspiration from her two young children, who move to their own beat, no matter how loud Renee’s voice can get.